This Peter Grant Generation Report has been compiled by Sandi Lee Craig nee Grant, 12th generation from Peter Grant, Scot Exile.  This report is for the use of all Grant cousins – but please cite the source.  I thank all who have contributed to the Grant family genealogy and hope that the information contained about the Grant ancestors in this report will help you each fill in gaps in your personal genealogies where they might occur. If you find any information pertaining to your particular branch of the Grant family incorrect or incomplete, please contact me at any of the following:

email : edegewatewrfarm1787@aol.com. Text 214-537-5460.

Please text or email only only.  Thank you.

Each person who contributes to this growing family document will be listed in the sources as well as the source of the documentation, unless you state that you would prefer not to have your name and address in this report. Thank you and may our Grant family retain the old strength as we continue to grow.
Sandi Lee Craig